Fave Basketball Player: Kuroko Tetsuya - The Phantom Sixth Player

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Finally finished it :) Based off “The Blue Umbrella.”


hiko-tori: Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself. Then pass this on to your ten favourite followers! (o´▽`o)ノ♥

Wow hey yo. Well lets’s start.
1. I am getting a desktop soon. Like maybe next week.
2. I accidentally knocked over my body spray so it smells like candy on my dresser.
3. I haven’t visited this blog in forever hence why I’m answering this ask now.
4. My phone died and I’m too lazy to log out so that’s why I’m here.
5. I really want people to see my tummy right now.

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just watch it

M-Mikasa’s right behind him! W-Were screwed! Run!

Why am I awake at this time of night??? It’s 1:38 as of now…. I don’t follow enough blogs on my main so I’m bored. I want sushi. My mom made sushi what do I do?? Do I eat? Yeah eat it vanessa do it.

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u know when u wanna watch an anime then u see how many episodes there are and ur like Nah


here are some poorly drawn cats that hope you’re having a better day.


hey repeat after me

  • jealousy is terrible
  • jealousy is terrible
  • jealousy is not cute
  • jealousy is terrible and can tear a person apart so please don’t make people jealous on purpose just to be an asshole
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i like to think i’m an excellent cuddler and it should be a crime that my skills aren’t being put to better use